If you're considering adding an audio component to your video surveillance system, you'll ant to carefully research the audio surveillance laws in your state to avoid potential lawsuits and/or criminal charges. Recording conversations can be a violation of privacy, so it's crucial to not only research -- but also understand your state's laws.

New York Summary of statutes Audio/ Video Recording 

An individual who is a party to either an in-person conversation or electronic communication, or who has the consent of one of the parties to the communication, can lawfully record it or disclose its contents. N.Y. Penal Law §§ 250.00, 250.05 (McKinney 2012).


In-person conversations: 


The “mechanical overhearing of a conversation,” or the “intentional overhearing or recording of a conversation or discussion, without the consent of at least one party thereto, by a person not present” is illegal. N.Y. Penal Law § 250.00. A state appellate court held that individuals who talk in a manner such that a non-participating third party may freely overhear the conversation may have no reasonable expectation of privacy in it. New York v. Kirsh, 575 N.Y.S.2d 306 (N.Y. App. Div. 1991). Thus, a journalist does not need consent to record conversations in public where there is no reasonable expectation of



We Install Audio and Video Surveillance Systems (nanny cams) in NYC

Short Circuited’s NYC security camera installations are done by professional installers that have  extensive expertise in the business of video security systems in NYC. Our selection of security cameras are based on several factors. A site survey is necessary to determine where exactly each camera is to be installed. Also what type of camera is the most appropriate for that location.  With the customer's  feedback regarding his needs of coverage - field of view . We can determine if the security camera are meant to be a deterrent, or to be obvious and to "send a message" . These type of cameras makes people aware and can sometimes prevent  criminal activity. The more discrete cameras, semi discrete dome type – can be installed in restaurants, where customers may not like to know they’re on camera. Hidden cameras are meant more for catching rather than preventing the wrong doing. Most of the time business owners would like cameras that prevent the wrong doing, than to catch it. Catching leads to sometimes unpredictable consequences. We also install nanny cams in NYC.


Audio surveillance equipment such as surveillance microphones are useful tools to add to your CCTV camera systems, however federal, state, and local laws must be considered before implementing such systems.  Microphones allow operators of surveillance systems to not only see what is going on at their home or business, but also allow you to hear what is going on.  Having audio surveillance is a big step into making your business safe, productive, and secure. You will be able to hear what is being said and you can ensure that employees are safe.