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How to Update your AWS Security Groups to Permit Inter-Office Traffic

Security in today's environment is extermely critical. The MOST important step in moving to the cloud is securing your data. This is how you update your AWS instance to accept internet traffic from your properties only.

If your office is set up for dynamic IP addressing you will have to re-visit the steps on this page around once a month. A simple way to determine if your security group IP address will need to be updated is you see messages like the 'no mysql hosts' message below, office wide and no mapped drives will be able to connect.

no msql hosts found

1: Log in to AWS and go to the EC2 homepage

aws ec2 homepage



2:On the left menu scroll down to security groups

aws security groups

Once at the security group page select the group you want to change, then select the inbound tab.

Once the tab opens click the edit button

security group home

The edit window opens here you can now change or add different IP addresses.

edit inbound rules

When you update your IP address the new numbers must be preceded by /32

This is fancy computer code to tell the host to pay attention to that single address only.

To prevent a growing list of old IP addresses you should have a list of IP addresses in your property in a spread sheet. Then hilight the old numbers and paste in the new










ERROR: The source needs to be a CIDR block or a Security Group ID

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