Get your entire dental office paperless for $999*

Times are changing and you as a dentist need to adapt to these very important changes. By 2014 it is mandated that all dental/medical records are to be converted to digital format.

Return on Investment
Cost to create and store 5000 paper charts:
Yearly labor costs to maintain 5000 paper charts:
Initial Savings Using paperless:

According to a study conducted by Dr. Larry Emmott, a practicing dentist and founder of Emmott on Technology, the costs to create and store 5000 patient charts is about $31,600 and about $23,004 per year in labor to manage and keep them updated (assuming staff wages are $15/hour), for a grand total of $55604

At first, these numbers may seem exaggerated, but when you break down all that is involved in acquiring, storing and managing paper files, they quickly become realistic. Based on these findings, you'll make back the money you spend on PT Dental or Medical within just a few months!


*excludes cost of equiptment.

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