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64 bit computers in the dental/medical office.

A lot of my clients have been asking me about these new surprisingly affordable 64 bit computers. Can they work in your dental/medical office?

In a short reply, no.

Stick with 32 bit computers. While the prices of a 64 bit computer may be alluring avoid making the mistake of buying one

Most computer programs made for our industry are not written to take advantage of the 64 bit archeticture so they may just flat out not work or run poorly, or be incompatible with most systems and software.

Dentrix versions prior to G4 will not run reliably on a 64 bit computer. There have been reported errors of dentrix chart and the dentrix ledger not opening. Dentrix did address this issue with some updates to the G4 version.

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New Dental or Medical Office Network and Computer System Installations.

Making it right from the start

Your office runs like clockwork, or, at least, it should. But when your computer systems are out , your whole practice suffers.Shortcircuited is dedicated to delivering fast, affordable computer support and installation for offices transitioning towards a more paperless practice.

Isn't it time you brought in a specialist to support and manage your technology investment?

Shortcircuited is here to keep your office ticking. We have the experience, the certification and the integrity to make sure that you have exactly what you need to keep your office open and your production growing.

Whether you're an established practitioner or starting your practice from the ground up, we stop at nothing to help you maintain your computer systems like a well oiled machine .

See our image galleries for offices we have completed.

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We support and install all versions of dentrix in the tri-state area. NY,NJ,CT and New York Citydentrix support

We provide:

  • Server installatons/upgrades
  • Workgroup/Domain Setup
  • Remotely Install Systems
  • Password/,finger print Security Setup
  • Kiosk setup
  • Tablet signature pad setup
  • Webcam/ Digital Imaging integration with dentrix
  • Digital xray support and integration
  • Staff training
  • Remote support and access (work from home)
  • Disaster/ hard drive recovery
  • Backup of computer data. Onsite /Offsite
  • Dentrix Upgrades
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Network Maintenance
  • DVR camera installations (see what your staff is doing and saying about you, from your home)



Call 347-791-3311 today for price quotes.


DENTRIX G5 is now available and shipping!!!

347-791-3311 Call today for a quote!

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Dental Office Computer Support:

  • Computer Support Onsite and Remote
  • Computer Repairs and Upgrades
  • Operatory Display and Camera Support
  • Server Support and Upgrades
  • Multiple Dental Office Support
  • Dentrix & Dexis Support
  • Schick CDR Support
  • Dental Practice Computer Support
  • Dental office computer systems maintenance and upgrades
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